RRR Express - Black Balling Drivers.

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I worked for this company a few years ago now, i had a dispute with the owner of this company, Being diabetic my blood sugar dropped but because i didnt take a load to kentuky, while in that position, i was rerouted to Astell Ga, to pick up, and be in Palatka the next morning, then was told to go to jacksonville and wait, were the owner called me and told me i was terminated, so i said no problem, am i going to have a problem out of this company when i apply somewhere else, well of course the SOB lied, now its on my dac report for no rehire, then when companies call to get the information , they get no responds from them, as drivers what can we do to keep these companies from damaging our careers, if anyone knows can you post for me please.



RRR doesn't know how to post the truth.Informed the company of the need to leave my position, finished my runs, and returned the truck in a clean state.

RRR pocketed $900 and listed on DAC no-show. They short drivers on miles and encourage breaking DOT laws about road hours.

Refusal to run over hours is met with coaching.:(

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Thats how it works, but listing you as a no rehire is standard for a lot of companies, if they are having problems getting employment verified then use your W-2, however you can fight what is on your DAC IF its not true, sounds like they just posted the truth.

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